Our Company

Today's Internet users want the experience that allows them to discover great content for their precise need quickly. EthioLib strives to be a leading provider of humanly edited search engine and great content provider, specific to Ethiopia and for the Ethiopians.

In direct response to the changing needs of search engine users and the challenges of finding valuable information specific to Ethiopia and Ethiopians that the user needs, EthioLib was founded in 2011 by three Ethiopian Engineers and business professional. The three had the foresight and ingenuity to form EthioLib in Dallas, Texas, USA.

EthioLib is an independent startup company committed to providing the highest level of user service coupled with the best coverage tailored to each user's needs. EthioLib Search engine is humanly edited. EthioLib users come first and it is our passion in creating long-lasting partnership with our customers and collaborating with them to identify their needs and provide solutions.

EthioLib plans to open operation in Ethiopia during 2nd half of 2013

About Us

Our vision is to shape the future by bringing Ethiopians and Ethiopian businesses together online. Our goal is to build a search engine and to become a one-stop information library that becomes a platform for millions of people to have greater access to useful and life enriching contents on the Internet. We are dedicated to build platforms and provide opportunities that promote sharing of experiences, best practices, new ideas, and knowledge as well as promote businesses. EthioLib Inc. strives to develop contents for our users and partners to reach and connect with wider audience and to build a community.


Our Goal is to offer positive, educational, inspirational, motivational, useful content to every EthioLib user irrespective of their geographical locations.


Our strategy is guided by the needs that affect our customers. We are dedicated to continuously organize and deliver specific information on Ethiopia and Ethiopian businesses. We achieve our goal and execute our strategy by developing platform to create content, build community, increase interest and traffic, and generate value.


We are committed to provide comprehensive set of solutions that are valuable and tailored to meet our customers' needs.

  1. We provide search engine to provide access to users and greater visibility to all sites related to Ethiopia and owned by Ethiopians.
  2. We create a platform for thousands of small businesses to establish online presence and recognition ( We provide a comprehensive set of services including building web pages and websites for small business)
  3. We search and provide important, hidden, and invisible contents to our users in one place using our Information Corners: Kids, Students, Health, and Investment Corners.
  4. We provide a simple and flexible classified website to enable our users sell and buy goods and services. Our classified website is designed and built for major cities.
  5. We provide fantastic and exceptional services for our users:
  6. - to learn about ICT progress using our ICT portal

    - to share documents using our document sharing tool

    - to share knowledge using our ASK & Answer site

    - to showcase and share talents using our blogging platform

    - to post jobs to share and help fellow Ethiopians

EthioLib Partners

EthioLib has partnered with three of top ten most dominant and admired companies in the world, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

We are also partnering and working closely with EthioLib extended family, our Bloggers: Helina Girma and Barcot Fanuil.

Careers and future opportunities

At this time we are a startup company dedicated to bring about our vision into reality by building a great product that can define not only our company but the future of ICT in Ethiopia.

Professional Jobs:

Will you be ready to join the excitement in 2013? At EthioLib we are connecting and bringing content to users faster. Check back with us.



Contact us to gain valuable experience and to participate in the excitement to shape the future



EthioLib is in its early stage and needs greater minds and experience that are interested to help build great search engine and provide useful content to All users.

We are seeking help in the following areas:

Please send your experience @ Volunteer@EthioLib.com